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#2980 Christmas Lolly Tree

Free Christmas Project
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Polystyrene Cones are so easy to cover and make a fun and easy centrepiece for your Christmas table. Just fix sweets, favours, or Christmas picks with dressmaking pins - pushed into the cone.

Small children will need to be supervised removing sweets as pins can be a hazard lying about. After removing a sweet, push the pin straight back into the cone.

Prepare your cone

Lay your scrap fabric out on a flat surface and roll it around your cone to see how much you will need. Trim off the excess and fix it to your cone with pins pushed straight into the cone. Alternatively you could paint your base with acrylic paint.

Start decorating

Starting from the top, push a pin through the sweet (it might be easiest through the twisted end instead of through the sweet itself) and attach it to the cone. Keep going until the whole cone is covered. If you have less sweets, you may be able to fill out the cone with tinsel or more decorations before beginning.

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